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Oh. Daylight savings time happened. No wonder it was so hard to get out of bed!
I noticed the other day that at the Dollar Tree, the packages of pastel colored tissue paper that I buy now come in 25 sheets instead of 30. And today while buying groceries, I find that ramen noodles are now in 5-packs instead of 6-packs. WHAT FRESH HE
I'm bad at being in charge of the treat bowl. I keep stealing candy for myself...
(Also this is me trying OnlyWire for the first time to post everywhere at once and I'm not sure what this box is for??)

Popuri & Luckigrrl

Two new art works today! Popuri from the Harvest Moon games, and Luckigrrl, a player of the MMO Ether Saga Online.
Did anyone not see this one coming?? :O

Okay, I have something to admit.

I know basically nothing about Skyward Sword. ;_;

I have been a very poor Zelda fan in these passing months and have not been following any news concerning it at all. The only trailer I've seen for it was the video I posted back in my E3 post. In fact, I had to go back to that post and re-watch that video because I didn't remember what was in it.

But I think this will actually be a good thing. My experience with Skyward Sword will be entirely new and exciting. c:

Amazon has a spectacular deal going on where you get a bundle that includes the game, a music CD, and a super slick golden Wii Remote +, detailed with the Hylian emblem. This bundle is extremely enticing to me because I don't have any remotes with Motion +, and it's necessary to have it in order to play Skyward Sword.

Plus, Zelda games are known for producing limited edition golden cartridges and other bonuses, and I've always tried to get my hands on those in the past. That remote just looks fine.

Here are your links, for both the bundle and just the game itself (still includes the music CD though!):
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Gold Remote Bundle  || The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword with Music CD

Thanks for reading! This will probably conclude my Games to Preorder This Fall series, unless I find a couple others being released for the holidays! :D

Games to Preorder This Fall Part 1

Today's new post is part one of three-ish (I might think of one or two others XD) in which I suggest some games you might like to to preorder this Fall.
New post in which I reveal my secrets to finding awesome makeup on a budget, tee hee hee.
It's late in the day, but I finally posted my first real Today's Outfit post, involving My Little Pony and plenty of cheap jewelry, all themed in blue and purple.

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